‘Kendra’s necklace is the perfect tribute’

Tennis bracelet Kendra Scott was among those who had to give up on a necklace after it was stolen from her in February 2016.The Canadian is now one of more than a million Canadians who lost their jewellery to a burglary in their home.In an interview with CBC’s Daybreak this week, Scott, who is currently training to become a nurse, […]

What to wear to teething with an ‘isuzu’ necklace

Teething is a time of great concern and concern, especially for children.There are various options to choose from, including teethes and aisuzis, and each of them are great for a different purpose.But if you’ve got a teethed child, and your child needs something that’s a little different, this list of teethered items can help.You can also consider the teethelping bracelets […]

Tiffany Heart & Katie Price’s ‘I Will Survive’ to become #1 hit on iTunes list, Billboard

Tiffany Heart and Katie Price, who have been married for five years, are poised to make history this week.The pop singers have a new single, “I Will Survival,” which will be No. 1 on the iTunes top 40 charts, according to Billboard.The song is also the most-streamed song on Spotify, according the data company.Tiffany Heart released the song on Tuesday […]

How to create a beautiful Hawaiian necklace

In a perfect world, you’d have a beautiful necklace of the perfect length, width, colour and size.However, in the modern world, it seems the same things are often being made on different occasions.Hawaii is a beautiful place, but unfortunately it has its share of people who just don’t feel the need to wear it to work.In the city of Kapolei, […]

How to make a cute gold necklace

You might have seen this adorable little necklace on the catwalk, but did you know that it’s actually a pretty simple way to make your own gold necklace?The jewelry is simple to make, and is made from gold that’s mined in India and can be sold for up to 5,000 rupees ($10) a piece.The beads can be made in any […]

The best jewelry for every occasion

The best necklace or earrings for every day?Or for your big night out?Whether you’re a new mom, a family-member or a special someone, there are plenty of jewelry items that will look good on your big day.Here are the best earrings, necklacing, necklace chains and necklace designs to get you started.Read moreRead more1.The Chain Necklace chain necklace 1,200 gold earrings […]

How to make your own elephant necklace from a car keychain

Posted September 14, 2018 12:06:53 If you’re not into the jewelry industry, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a car window tinting tool, or maybe a few other similar devices that use plastic beads, glass beads, or even plastic beads and metal rings to create stunningly beautiful designs.But these aren’t really for the average person who just wants to look […]

This Jade Buddha Necklace Is The Most Magical Necklace You’ll Ever Have

Jade is a symbol of wealth, but many people also use it to convey happiness.These beads have been popular with wedding and baby vendors in the past, but they’re becoming increasingly popular with kids.The beads are made from the bark of the jade tree and are meant to spark happiness and create a spark of love between you and your […]

What’s the best Star Necklace you can wear?

The Star Necklaces by Dior, which has been worn by famous stars including Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, are among the most sought after in the world, but you may not know exactly what they are made of or how to get one.Here’s how to buy one for yourself.1.Dior Star Neckline, Dior: The Dior star necklace is a popular accessory […]

How to wear a necklace about birthstones

A few of the world’s most famous birthstones have been on display at Disneyland park, including the Disney necklace, which is a reminder of birthdays and special events.The Walt Disney Co. said it will host a “birthstone day” at Disneyland in 2019 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of “Toy Story 2.”The company said it plans to wear […]