How to use a rose necklace to give a friend or loved one a sparkle

A friend or family member could give you a sparkly white gold necklace that you will love to wear all year long. The necklace is available in sizes from a small to a medium and the necklace will also be available in a rose and rose petal pattern.The rose necklace is made from high-quality rose gold and is a favorite of […]

When will you get the necklace you need?

What do you want?It’s a necklace that will make your future happier, the answer is not really clear.We know it won’t be a big deal but what we don’t know is how you can wear it without feeling like you’re a jerk.For the uninitiated, a baseball necklace is a necklace worn around the neck to express your support of your […]

How to make necklacing for a more stylish look: kate spades

I have a soft spot for the Spades, and this necklace looks gorgeous with my black dress.I like that I can wear it in bright colours, but it also has a classic look.The necklace features a matching bow that matches the bow on the dress, making it a beautiful accessory for a bride or groom.I love that it is a […]

Halloween costume for boys and girls gets a Halloween twist

Halloween is the perfect time to wear a Halloween costume.Here are some of the best and the worst Halloween costumes available to boys and men. Read more