Watch: Diamond necklace worn by actress in Hollywood

The diamond necklace worn in the Oscar-winning film, Beauty and the Beast, by Emma Watson is an iconic piece of cultural iconography.It is an object of pride for many actors and actresses, who have chosen to wear it in roles that are both glamorous and socially awkward.It was not an easy decision for Watson.She was raised in a working class […]

Seashell necklace with turquois coral coral and gold pearl – Coral Sea Jewelry

Coral Sea jewelry is now available in a new collection by Sea Jewelers.The collection is called the Seashell Necklace and is made of coral coral, coral coral pearl, gold pearl, turquis coral and turquoises pearl.Each piece is a perfect gift for someone who loves the sea and is passionate about coral reefs.“The Seashell necklaces are truly handcrafted and the pearls […]

How to get a name necklace?

Name is one of the oldest symbols of China, and its symbolism goes back thousands of years.This year, however, it is getting a boost in popularity.According to Chinese news site Zuowei, the Chinese government has announced a name change for a necklace that was launched in 2016 and which features the name of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.The name change […]