When do the Chinese and Indians meet?

When the world’s most populous country and the world leader in tourism are playing against each other, you don’t usually expect them to be able to hit it off.But in the case of the pair of white pearls that China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has unveiled in a bid to show off the two nations’ respective cultures, the odds […]

‘The Mantle is not a hat’: Women in Hawaii celebrate wearing the iconic Hawaiian knot

A wave of women in Hawaii have joined forces to wear the Hawaiian knot around their necks, and they are doing so with a message of empowerment.The women wore a series of necklaces on their wrists and necklines to celebrate a national day of honoring the Hawaiian tradition of honoring a woman’s sacrifice for the family.“When I was a little […]

James Avery: James Avery Necklace to go up for auction in 2017

Posted November 24, 2018 05:02:09 The James Avery necklace is the latest item to go for auction on the auction house, according to the New York Times.The $100,000 ($70,000 for a one-ounce necklace) ring, worn by James Avery in the 1971 hit “Catch-22,” sold for $70,800 in 2017.Avery died in a car accident in New York in 1977, and his […]