How to get a diamond necklace from your boyfriend

You may be wondering how to get your boyfriend a diamond necklaces.In fact, you may have to ask your boyfriend to buy the items from you.If you want to get diamond neckloos, it’s best to go to your local jewelry store and ask for a set of matching rings.But you might want to find a different set of diamonds that […]

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Louis Vuitton necklace with diamond choker

Louvois-Vuitton is offering a necklace with an original diamond choknock.The item is designed by a French jewelry designer, according to a statement from the brand.The necklace comes with a diamond choked necklace that is about 1/8 inch in diameter, with an 8.25 inch long hook.It is available for $35.49.The choker comes with its own necklace as well.