How to make a black diamond necklace that’s 100% handmade

etsy Necklaces are a trend, and with good reason.The popularity of black diamond necklacing is one of the best selling jewelry items on Etsy. And if you’ve ever purchased a necklace made from a natural diamond, you’ve seen the high-quality, natural diamonds made with diamonds from different regions and cultures.The black diamond is one such gem, and the black diamond bracelet […]

I am a ‘gifted’ Disney princess, so I was ‘truly blessed’ to be given an ‘incredible gift’

I was born with a gift of magic that has allowed me to be loved, admired, and cherished.It is a gift that has enabled me to grow up, travel the world, meet the people and experiences that I’ve experienced.But that gift has also meant that I have to accept that there are some things I don’t get to experience.My childhood […]