Which are the best and worst necklacing styles?

Here’s what you need to know about the necklace trend:The traditional Japanese-style necklacer was once popular among the more fashion-conscious among Japanese-Americans, with a style that was “a little more refined and refined” than other styles, said Kenji Sugano, a professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University and a popular culture expert.Sugano, who has written a book about the Japanese style, said […]

How to pick the perfect Kay Jewelers necklace

How to get the perfect jewelry for your Kay Jeweler.You can use Kay Jewelry’s online shopping portal or shop locally to find the perfect necklace for your tastes and needs.Here are our top picks:A black diamond diamond necklace Kay Jewelers offers a range of rings and necklaces in different styles.They also have a wide selection of earrings and necklace options […]