The Amazon necklace is a piece of tech, but it’s actually a gem

The necklace is actually a piece the company has put on sale for $20.If you’ve ever dreamed of a piece with a silver heart that says “LOOK HERE FOR A DREAM,” then this is your lucky day.The Amazon pendant is a beautiful silver piece that measures 6 inches across and has a 5.25 inch diameter and is made of […]

“The Hill” to air in 10 days with new episodes from May 19-28

“The House,” “The Week,” “CNN,” “Fox News Sunday” and “ABC News Sunday,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “O’Reilly Factor” and others will be among the first to be rerun with new seasons beginning this week. The network has also begun airing “The View,” a weekly show hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Fox News has been the most successful, most influential media organization in […]

The Best of IGN’s 2017 Halloween Costume Contest

Now that Halloween is here, it’s time to vote for your favorite Halloween costume!As usual, we’ve got some of our favorite costumes up for grabs, including a pair of puka shell necklaces, plus some other awesome items.Let’s begin with the puka shells, which are a great way to make a memorable costume, with their unique metallic and translucent shell pieces.You […]