How the new St Christopher necklace from Virgin Mary has gone viral

In a post shared by St Christopher’s Watch (@st-christopher-watch) on Oct 26, 2018 at 7:37am PDT The new St. Christopher necklace has gone worldwide.Its made by Virgin Mary jewellery brand, St Christopher.The new necklace has a white neckline and gold chains, while its the size of a baby shoe.The gold chains are also attached to the neckline, with a little […]

When David Yurman’s necklace falls into a vat of acid, he can now watch the film “Moby Dick” without being affected by it

David Yurgens’ necklace was recently thrown into a “vat of Acid” that was supposed to keep him in the clear.The director’s necklace was discovered on a plane bound for Los Angeles, where he was set to direct a film called “Mobie Dick,” but he decided to take it home instead.“It was a huge shock,” Yurgen told EW.“I was just thinking, […]