How to make your own Versace necklace

The Versace brand is no stranger to the beauty world, and they’re well known for their beautiful gold bracelets.But the brand’s new gold necklace is nothing like anything you’ve seen before. It’s a unique design that will give you a different perspective on the brand.“Versace is famous for making beautiful jewelry and we have a special love for their jewelry.We want […]

A ruby necklace made from a sapphires pearl and Alexandrite crystal that was found in Egypt could sell for $2 million

Posted February 15, 2019 06:04:33When you’re in the market for a necklace, you probably want something that will last for a long time.If you’re going to be making a necklace for yourself, you might want to look for a stone that will be durable and that will look good in your jewelry.The ruby necklace, known as a sappy pearl necklace, […]

How to find a perfect match for your necklace

When it comes to necklacing, finding the perfect match can be tricky.Here are some of the key tips to ensure you find a matching necklace that is not only flattering but also fits your body.1.Choose a colour that fits your faceThe perfect necklace should be able to fit any face shape.But when choosing a colour, keep in mind that some […]

Teeth to a new owner: Teeth necklace that’s perfect for the new owner

Posted March 08, 2019 06:16:15 Teeth and teeth aren’t just for women; a new Teeth Necklace by Eliza & Adeline has found a new home for a pair of teeth that were originally made for men.The necklace, which is inspired by a popular YouTube video, has been made for the bride by a company called Eliza&Adeline, according to the shop’s […]