5 Ways to Make Your Mother’s Necklace Look Great in the New York City Weather

A mother’s necklace is one of the most beautiful things you can wear, so if you’re not looking to show off the necklace, here are five ways you can make it look great!source Entertainment World title 5 Tips for a Perfect Mother’s Jewelry Necklace article Get your mother’s jewelry necklace right now.With the advent of smartwatches, it’s easy to see […]

“Heart of Gold” is the first Disney movie with an animated cross necklace

The first Disney film with an “animated cross necklace” was released earlier this month and is now on its way to theaters, but not before a Disney princess was introduced to the world in the film’s title.The heart of gold, which has a different color to a standard diamond, is a cross necklace that is traditionally worn by women to […]