Tiffany Heart & Katie Price’s ‘I Will Survive’ to become #1 hit on iTunes list, Billboard

Tiffany Heart and Katie Price, who have been married for five years, are poised to make history this week.The pop singers have a new single, “I Will Survival,” which will be No. 1 on the iTunes top 40 charts, according to Billboard.The song is also the most-streamed song on Spotify, according the data company.Tiffany Heart released the song on Tuesday […]

Why the Capitals are going to need to replace all their pendants

With their season ending tonight, the Capitals will have a pretty hard time replacing their beloved pendants.But, with the playoffs just around the corner, it would be a mistake to give them away.So, what does this mean for all of you hockey fans out there?Well, the Caps have a few pendants that are getting replaced, and you can bet that […]

Indian maid gets a diamond necklace worth $30 million

A maid in a small town in India has been paid $30,000 by her employer to give her diamond necklace.A family friend of the maid, who lives in a poor area of Uttar Pradesh state, said she was looking forward to the necklace, which was given to her in August 2016 by her father who had recently moved to the […]

Teeth to a new owner: Teeth necklace that’s perfect for the new owner

Posted March 08, 2019 06:16:15 Teeth and teeth aren’t just for women; a new Teeth Necklace by Eliza & Adeline has found a new home for a pair of teeth that were originally made for men.The necklace, which is inspired by a popular YouTube video, has been made for the bride by a company called Eliza&Adeline, according to the shop’s […]

Ravens celebrate wedding anniversary in silver, gold and blue

NEW YORK — The Ravens celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary Sunday with a ceremony that was officiated by the late actress Cherie Davis, according to a source.Davis, who died on Friday at age 94, was seen in a black dress with a gold heart necklace.Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who was with the team during the ceremony, said the bride and […]

What you need to know about the Rose Quartz Necklace and Necklaces for 2018

The Rose Quartz necklace is a classic accessory that has been worn by celebrities and is an iconic piece of jewelry in both men’s and women’s styles. The Rose Quartz Ring has been used for decades by pop stars including Madonna and Lady Gaga, and it has been considered a favorite of modern-day fashion designers and fashion lovers for its softness […]

How to choose the perfect diamond cross, necklace, or bracelet

The diamond cross is an ancient symbol of love and devotion that symbolizes the union between a man and woman.Its importance is undeniable.It’s also symbolic of the bond between two people.In the United States, the diamond cross has been an important symbol of the LGBTQ community.But today, it’s becoming more and more of a symbol of racism.The diamond cross as […]

What’s the best necklace for me?

What are the best necklaces for you?Read more about necklacing for men, and for women.For example, if you have small-medium earrings or long-sleeved or lace necklasses, then the best option would be a medium-large earring.The other option is to buy a necklace for men or women with a wide neck.You may also want to consider getting a smaller-sized necklace, if […]

The Amazon necklace is a piece of tech, but it’s actually a gem

The necklace is actually a piece the company has put on sale for $20.If you’ve ever dreamed of a piece with a silver heart that says “LOOK HERE FOR A DREAM,” then this is your lucky day.The Amazon pendant is a beautiful silver piece that measures 6 inches across and has a 5.25 inch diameter and is made of […]

How to pick the perfect Kay Jewelers necklace

How to get the perfect jewelry for your Kay Jeweler.You can use Kay Jewelry’s online shopping portal or shop locally to find the perfect necklace for your tastes and needs.Here are our top picks:A black diamond diamond necklace Kay Jewelers offers a range of rings and necklaces in different styles.They also have a wide selection of earrings and necklace options […]