Halloween costume for boys and girls gets a Halloween twist

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How to get back your favorite necklacing: nurse necklace

When you’re getting back in the ring with the shark tooth necklace you know it’s a little bit of a treat.So what if it comes with a shark tooth in it?That’s because shark teeth are a common accessory in nautical jewelry and they’re also one of the most sought after.Here are 10 common shark tooth necklace items that are sure […]

How to wear the Jade Necklace: Jade necklace

The Jade necklace is one of those pieces of jewelry you buy and then forget.You might buy one in the store, but it’s not likely to last you very long.It is, however, an incredibly popular piece of jewellery, with many buyers thinking it will last forever.It’s an important piece of jewelry, and it will keep its value.“It’s like a piece […]