What’s the best necklace for me?

What are the best necklaces for you?Read more about necklacing for men, and for women.For example, if you have small-medium earrings or long-sleeved or lace necklasses, then the best option would be a medium-large earring.The other option is to buy a necklace for men or women with a wide neck.You may also want to consider getting a smaller-sized necklace, if […]

The Amazon necklace is a piece of tech, but it’s actually a gem

The Amazon.com necklace is actually a piece the company has put on sale for $20.If you’ve ever dreamed of a piece with a silver heart that says “LOOK HERE FOR A DREAM,” then this is your lucky day.The Amazon pendant is a beautiful silver piece that measures 6 inches across and has a 5.25 inch diameter and is made of […]

How to pick the perfect Kay Jewelers necklace

How to get the perfect jewelry for your Kay Jeweler.You can use Kay Jewelry’s online shopping portal or shop locally to find the perfect necklace for your tastes and needs.Here are our top picks:A black diamond diamond necklace Kay Jewelers offers a range of rings and necklaces in different styles.They also have a wide selection of earrings and necklace options […]

How to buy gold jewellery, jewellery from the Amazon, gold jewellers

You’re likely to buy jewellery online, but what you might not know is that you can buy gold jewelry from a variety of sellers.Here’s how you can find the best gold jewelry brands and sellers online.What’s gold jeweller?A gold jewelled necklace is a piece of jewellery that is made up of gold, silver and gems, usually made of silver or […]

How to wear the new plate necklace

The new plate necklaces look like you’re wearing them on your face, and it’s all part of a new look at how the sport looks.The new plate is the first of a slew of new designs that are all being introduced in 2018, and each one has its own unique style.In the past, we’ve seen a variety of different types […]

How to choose a beautiful necklace

How do you choose the perfect necklace?This post covers some of the tips we’ve learned through our years of experience as a necklister and a jeweler.It’s important to understand what the best jewelry for your body type is.We’ve looked at the latest trends in jewelry for men and women.But for those of you looking for the ultimate accessory for your […]

How to build your own grandmother necklace with a Raspberry Pi, a Raspberry Z-Wave hub, and an Arduino and Arduino Mega adapter

By default, your grandmother’s necklace looks pretty standard.It’s not the best looking thing on the shelf, and it’s definitely not the most functional.But that’s what a Raspberry Pis is for, right?You can build your very own grandmother-themed bracelet, a little mini computer, a USB charger, or even a smart bracelet to go with it.And now there’s a Raspberry-powered necklace, from […]

All the best items in our cartier store

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When do the Chinese and Indians meet?

When the world’s most populous country and the world leader in tourism are playing against each other, you don’t usually expect them to be able to hit it off.But in the case of the pair of white pearls that China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has unveiled in a bid to show off the two nations’ respective cultures, the odds […]

James Avery: James Avery Necklace to go up for auction in 2017

Posted November 24, 2018 05:02:09 The James Avery necklace is the latest item to go for auction on the auction house, according to the New York Times.The $100,000 ($70,000 for a one-ounce necklace) ring, worn by James Avery in the 1971 hit “Catch-22,” sold for $70,800 in 2017.Avery died in a car accident in New York in 1977, and his […]