New York City’s Most Popular Earrings for Men

New York’s most popular earrings for men are made with pure pearl, a gemstone that is used in jewelry all over the world.A new study found that men who wear earrings with pure pearls have higher levels of testosterone than those who wear jewelry with platinum, silver, and gold.According to a report published by the National Institute of Health (NIA), […]

How to build a necklace chain with gold for $1,600

With the world’s largest chain of gold necklace chains on the market, you may want to consider getting some gold jewelry instead.The chains have been on sale since at least 2016, and are now selling for as much as $1.6 million on the internet.The prices have increased as well, but are still very affordable, with a few items being listed […]

What’s in the gold necklace?

An unusual necklace has caught the eye of a jewelry buyer after the owner had it shipped to his home state.The gold necklace is the work of a local jewelry dealer.The necklace was a gift from a client who said it was a “once-in-a-lifetime” gift and the recipient was thrilled to receive it.The jewelry dealer, who has not been named, […]

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano signs new contract

Indianapolis Colts head football coach Chuck Patterson and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams have signed a five-year contract, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Monday.The deal is worth $24 million per season with $10 million guaranteed.The Colts signed Patterson to a one-year, $2.5 million deal on March 4, 2016.He was previously the defensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts from 2011-14.Williams […]

Bollywood stars get their rings from a jeweler

Bollywood superstars are among those who have received their wedding rings from their own jewelers in the past.The ring makers of the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have also been identified as among those selling rings to the media, social media and celebrities.The ring makers are not the only ones who have been involved in the trade, […]

Diamond necklace baby is a cross necklace

Diamond necklace Baby is a baby cross necklace!source News, ABC,, News24, News, Entertainment,Live,News,Women,People,Women-Owned Source ABC News title Diamond jewelry and jewelry accessories for the beautiful young woman article Jewelry and jewelry can be a life saver when you’re young.It can also be a source of stress.Here’s a look at how to make your own, and how to manage it. […]

Indian maid gets a diamond necklace worth $30 million

A maid in a small town in India has been paid $30,000 by her employer to give her diamond necklace.A family friend of the maid, who lives in a poor area of Uttar Pradesh state, said she was looking forward to the necklace, which was given to her in August 2016 by her father who had recently moved to the […]

‘This is how we’ll remember you’: How ‘love’ is re-appropriated in modern day, a story by Kate Womack-Khan

We’re often told that love is a personal thing.Love is a natural state of being, something you choose to experience, rather than something you have to create or be born with.But in reality, it can be a tool for others to see you as someone who is worthy of love.Kate Womakhan, who has been documenting the changing attitudes towards love […]

Hermes necklace, buddhas necklace, and a buddhist wedding

This is a post in the ‘Hermes’ series, a series of postcards celebrating the life of the Buddha.It was made in a time of great sadness for buddhism.I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.Hermes and his wife, Amida, were traveling around the world and meeting all kinds of people.Hermes’ wife Amida is an expert in the fields […]

The diamond heart necklace that saved my life

When a friend of mine was about to die, she had no idea she would be in hospital for nearly a year and a half.That’s when she decided to make a necklace to help her.The diamond heart is made of diamond that is polished to a mirror finish and coated in a clear resin that is meant to make it […]