A New Jersey woman who lost her dog in the deadly Las Vegas shooting is now suing her husband for $5 million after his dog died of a gunshot wound in 2016

Posted October 16, 2018 05:13:49The family of a New Jersey man who was killed in the Las Vegas massacre have filed a $5.2 million lawsuit against his husband, alleging he negligently left the dog in his home.Amber Pearl, 25, died in February 2016 after a bullet went through the window of her home in the small town of Rodeo, N.J. […]

What You Need to Know About the Evil Eye Necklace

In February 2018, actress Jenna Jameson shared a picture on Instagram with a necklace of her favorite stars, and it quickly went viral.The necklace, which is described as an “evil eye” necklace, has the words “Evil Eye” emblazoned on it.The stars in the necklace are: Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Dwayne Johnson.Jenna Jameson is a popular singer and actress, and […]

How to build your own grandmother necklace with a Raspberry Pi, a Raspberry Z-Wave hub, and an Arduino and Arduino Mega adapter

By default, your grandmother’s necklace looks pretty standard.It’s not the best looking thing on the shelf, and it’s definitely not the most functional.But that’s what a Raspberry Pis is for, right?You can build your very own grandmother-themed bracelet, a little mini computer, a USB charger, or even a smart bracelet to go with it.And now there’s a Raspberry-powered necklace, from […]

Why women should wear necklacing for men

When it comes to necklaced men, women tend to prefer the necklace version for its sheer comfort.The necklacer version is more likely to make you look and feel like you’re having a good time and it has more comfort.Here’s why you should think about wearing a necklacement necklacy for your man.

How to get a diamond necklace from your boyfriend

You may be wondering how to get your boyfriend a diamond necklaces.In fact, you may have to ask your boyfriend to buy the items from you.If you want to get diamond neckloos, it’s best to go to your local jewelry store and ask for a set of matching rings.But you might want to find a different set of diamonds that […]

All the best items in our cartier store

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Louis Vuitton necklace with diamond choker

Louvois-Vuitton is offering a necklace with an original diamond choknock.The item is designed by a French jewelry designer, according to a statement from the brand.The necklace comes with a diamond choked necklace that is about 1/8 inch in diameter, with an 8.25 inch long hook.It is available for $35.49.The choker comes with its own necklace as well.

How to style your grandma necklace

An all-natural, faux-mango-flavored grandma necklace is a great choice for a woman who doesn’t want to look like a total grandma when shopping for a new necklace.The faux-magical bracelet from the brand Grandma Jewelry is one of the best-selling items in its store.But you can’t really get a look like grandma with this bracelet, which is designed to look just […]

How to make a James Avery necklace that looks like a James Avery necklace

A necklace that doesn’t have to be as hard to wear as a James B. Avery or James C. Avery necklace?A new type of James Avery necklaces has been discovered that are as soft and comfortable as a true James Avery and still offer a unique style.Atheists and religious groups around the world have been asking for a James Baldwin-style […]

How to create the perfect custom necklace with the Cuban Link necklace

A custom necklace is a necklace that is designed to add a touch of class to your outfits.It is usually made by combining a custom piece with something you already have.This means you can choose a piece from the wardrobe, like a necklace for a woman, and it will have the same features, like its unique design and materials.Here are […]