How to get $14k worth of gold in a day with a Grandma Necklace

A friend’s mom recently purchased an expensive necklace that’s just the right size for a grown woman.“She wanted to make sure it was perfect for her,” the mom wrote in a post to Reddit.“I said, ‘I don’t care how big it is, you don’t need to put any more thought into it than that.’”The mom’s grandpa gave her his own […]

Which jewellery is the best for your neck?

It’s the perfect accessory for any bride.You might have heard of the  gold necklace, a simple piece of jewellery that can be worn around the neck, and it can make for a very pretty necklace.But it is also incredibly expensive.But there is one accessory that is worth your money, even if you don’t have much jewellery to work with, and […]