How to make your own Versace necklace

The Versace brand is no stranger to the beauty world, and they’re well known for their beautiful gold bracelets.But the brand’s new gold necklace is nothing like anything you’ve seen before. It’s a unique design that will give you a different perspective on the brand.“Versace is famous for making beautiful jewelry and we have a special love for their jewelry.We want […]

“The Hill” to air in 10 days with new episodes from May 19-28

“The House,” “The Week,” “CNN,” “Fox News Sunday” and “ABC News Sunday,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “O’Reilly Factor” and others will be among the first to be rerun with new seasons beginning this week. The network has also begun airing “The View,” a weekly show hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Fox News has been the most successful, most influential media organization in […]

How to get your boys cross necklace in a couple of seconds

The girls have their hands full and they’re both nervous, and they know it, so they go on a date to celebrate.One of them, Lauren, says, “You’ve got to do this.”The other, Lauren’s date, says to her, “Oh, okay.That’s cool.”But they’re not alone.A little while later, the girls realize that their date has been wearing her boys cross necklacing necklace […]