The Amazon necklace is a piece of tech, but it’s actually a gem

The necklace is actually a piece the company has put on sale for $20.If you’ve ever dreamed of a piece with a silver heart that says “LOOK HERE FOR A DREAM,” then this is your lucky day.The Amazon pendant is a beautiful silver piece that measures 6 inches across and has a 5.25 inch diameter and is made of […]

Which are the best and worst necklacing styles?

Here’s what you need to know about the necklace trend:The traditional Japanese-style necklacer was once popular among the more fashion-conscious among Japanese-Americans, with a style that was “a little more refined and refined” than other styles, said Kenji Sugano, a professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University and a popular culture expert.Sugano, who has written a book about the Japanese style, said […]