New Jersey teen’s aquamarine diamond necklace goes viral

Posted November 08, 2018 05:15:10A teenager in New Jersey is now the first person to have a diamond necklace created by a team of artists.The artist, Darryl Parson, was inspired by his favorite childhood movie “AQUAMARINE” in which a girl in a diamond ring falls in love with an underwater creature named “the sea dragon.”Parson created the necklace while studying […]

How to get the perfect necklace for your girlfriend, mom, or other special someone

Gold is so precious, it’s practically indestructible.And if you want something with that kind of collectible quality, then you might want to invest in a necklace that’ll hold your girlfriend’s heart as you’re getting ready for your big night.The best jewelry for girlfriends, moms, and other special people comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors.If you’re a […]