When David Yurman’s necklace falls into a vat of acid, he can now watch the film “Moby Dick” without being affected by it

David Yurgens’ necklace was recently thrown into a “vat of Acid” that was supposed to keep him in the clear.The director’s necklace was discovered on a plane bound for Los Angeles, where he was set to direct a film called “Mobie Dick,” but he decided to take it home instead.“It was a huge shock,” Yurgen told EW.“I was just thinking, […]

When you’re stuck in a jam with a knife, there’s a simple way to get back at yourself

I recently went out to dinner with my girlfriend and got a knife.I had bought it at a local department store, and was happy to have the knife, but as I started to take out the knife from the belt, it was pointed at me.The owner of the knife informed me that he would have to take it back.I told […]

Which necklace will you wear when you are going to the beach?

It’s hard to say.The necklace will probably look good on the person who wears it, but who will you be wearing it with?The dragon necklace is definitely a cool, unique addition to any beach life.The bead necklace is a cool and stylish addition to the women’s jewelry section.The pearl necklace is not a traditional necklace and is not for everyone.The […]