Why I have a necklace with an Italian horn and a heart inside it

I am a young Italian woman, and my jewelry has become an obsession.I bought it for my mother in 2012, and it is her favorite piece.I think it represents everything Italian is about, from a sense of self to pride in my culture.My mom said, “You have to be proud of yourself.”I am now in my 40s and it still […]

A New Jersey woman who lost her dog in the deadly Las Vegas shooting is now suing her husband for $5 million after his dog died of a gunshot wound in 2016

Posted October 16, 2018 05:13:49The family of a New Jersey man who was killed in the Las Vegas massacre have filed a $5.2 million lawsuit against his husband, alleging he negligently left the dog in his home.Amber Pearl, 25, died in February 2016 after a bullet went through the window of her home in the small town of Rodeo, N.J. […]

The ‘black necklace’ that became a symbol of racial inequality

A black necklace has become a symbol for racial inequality.The necklace, worn by young black men in New York’s garment district, has become an icon of inequality and the frustration of some who see it as a way to wear their racial identity in a manner that reinforces their perceived inferiority.It is worn by many young black women who see […]