How to open heart jewelry

When it comes to opening up to new people, the only way to open up to your closest friends and family is to get their hearts. But how do you do that without going to the gym? If you’re not in the gym, you’re probably missing out on some important benefits of having your heart pierced. There are a couple of ways you […]

The Best Gifts For Men With Blood Vials

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a man who needs to keep his blood pressure in check, then you’re in luck!Rose quartz necklace is an item that men can use to add a touch of romance to any gift or a little bit of glamour to the occasion.Rose quartz is a beautiful, clear mineral that gives off a […]

‘I’m not worried’: Why you shouldn’t wear a necklace with the words ‘Blood Vial’ on it

In a story that will no doubt send shivers down the spine of any child of the internet, a schoolgirl in the US state of North Carolina has been banned from wearing a necklace that had the words “Blood Vials” on it.Alexandrite Dannenberg was just 14 years old when she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a degenerative neurological condition that […]