Hermes necklace, buddhas necklace, and a buddhist wedding

This is a post in the ‘Hermes’ series, a series of postcards celebrating the life of the Buddha.It was made in a time of great sadness for buddhism.I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.Hermes and his wife, Amida, were traveling around the world and meeting all kinds of people.Hermes’ wife Amida is an expert in the fields […]

How to Make Your Own Buddha Necklace (Video)

Buddhist necklace jewelry is often seen as a sign of social status, and for many people, it’s considered a form of luxury, said Kristin Krasner, associate professor of Buddhist studies at the University of Notre Dame.The Buddhist necklace, she said, is “an act of humility.”A Buddhist woman wears a Buddhist necklace while she practices meditation on the beach at the […]

When do the Chinese and Indians meet?

When the world’s most populous country and the world leader in tourism are playing against each other, you don’t usually expect them to be able to hit it off.But in the case of the pair of white pearls that China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has unveiled in a bid to show off the two nations’ respective cultures, the odds […]

When is the best time to wear a diamond necklace?

Posted February 06, 2018 05:21:13 When you buy a diamond, the first thing you’ll need to do is pick the right size.The bigger the diamond, it’s usually cheaper.The best place to start is the crown, which is the piece around the crown of the gem.The size and shape of the diamond can vary a lot.A diamond with a 4 to […]