The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion: 10 Ways to Make a Necklace in Your Own Time

I have been a designer for almost 10 years now.And while it has been a bit of a struggle, I still get a bit nervous when I think about a specific necklace I might be making for a client.It is not something that should happen during a formal or romantic wedding.What I am trying to say is, it is not […]

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How to tell if a woman’s wearing a necklace

LONDON — The necklaces and bracelets you wear are not just a symbol of status.They’re also a way to express your love and commitment.Here are 10 things to consider.1.Your necklace can be a sign of affection.As long as you keep your necklace in a secure location and keep it in the same place, you can wear it around the neck.You […]