What’s the difference between a necklace and a ring?

What’s a necklace?A ring is basically a small piece of jewelry that you wear around your neck or on your finger to protect your heart and the rest of your body.A necklace is a special piece of jewellery that has been decorated or engraved with a particular symbol or image.It’s worn around the neck and is usually made of gold […]

3 new chakra jewelry sets: Cool necklacing necklace,crested diamond necklace,and chakra necklacer

The new chakras are cool necklacers that look cool on your neck.They are a new collection of jewelry sets that are available for pre-order now and will be available on December 12th.Each necklace is made from the same soft-touch chakra material as the original chakrams.These pieces are designed to keep your neck cool and secure while still keeping your necklace […]