How to create a necklace inspired by your favourite character

You might be thinking, “How does one make a necklace like that?” but you can do it in a matter of minutes. Here’s how: 1.Make a necklace from a simple, basic necklace.2.Cut a simple chain into the shape of a flower.3.Cut out a flower and tie it to a necklace. 4.Use a crochet hook and a chain to make the chain.5. Make a […]

What to wear for a Father’s Day date: Necklace for your Father

A father’s birthday date is an occasion that requires all the attention and energy you can muster.You have a date to spend with, to share a smile and share a kiss.The only thing you can’t help but do is to put on a necklace for the occasion.And when it comes to fathers, the most common reason for this is for […]

When did we lose the sense of fashion?

The fashion world has been undergoing a revolution in recent years. It is an interesting development that, according to many experts, has created an unprecedented level of interest and demand for fashionable items, particularly from women.The trend has been dubbed “the next big thing” in the world of fashion, which has attracted a plethora of new, high-end, fashion products.The first wave […]