Which are the best necklaces?

Lined with white, white, and blue beads, ankh necklace is the newest addition to the dainty collection of necklacing items available to men, women, and children.While the design itself is inspired by the popular daints from India, the ankh is also known as a necklace for those with less traditional tastes.With the addition of blue beads and lace, this necklace […]

When David Yurman’s necklace falls into a vat of acid, he can now watch the film “Moby Dick” without being affected by it

David Yurgens’ necklace was recently thrown into a “vat of Acid” that was supposed to keep him in the clear.The director’s necklace was discovered on a plane bound for Los Angeles, where he was set to direct a film called “Mobie Dick,” but he decided to take it home instead.“It was a huge shock,” Yurgen told EW.“I was just thinking, […]

How to buy Tiffany Heart Jewelry

The first diamond earrings Tiffany and her husband David purchased from a jewelry store were the size of the size-10 iPhone.They weren’t very fancy, but they were an exception to the trend of being more expensive for more practical purposes.So Tiffany decided to go ahead and order a new set of earrings, one that was just the right size for […]

How to buy a snake necklace

A snake necklace is one of those items that, like most items, has a history of making you laugh or think twice about spending money on.While you could get one for free at the mall, the idea of buying one for less than $30 might make you think twice.But there are alternatives to snake necklaces.The most popular option is the […]

Which are the best necklace jewelry for men?

David Yurman, who was born in India and immigrated to the U.S. when he was 6, started his jewelry business when he married his first wife, Sonia, in the early 1960s.He has since expanded into a large variety of styles, including gold necklace jewelry, pearl necklacing, and platinum necklace jewelry.One of his signature designs is the Peridot, which is a […]