How to choose a beautiful necklace

How do you choose the perfect necklace?This post covers some of the tips we’ve learned through our years of experience as a necklister and a jeweler.It’s important to understand what the best jewelry for your body type is.We’ve looked at the latest trends in jewelry for men and women.But for those of you looking for the ultimate accessory for your […]

What to know about diamond and diamond bracelets

The diamond and gem nameplates, as well as the nameplate for the diamond bracelet, are part of a wide range of jewelry items that are commonly known as bracelets.The diamond bracelet is typically the most popular, with more than 90% of the jewelry market.The nameplate is usually the least popular, though it is still seen as a stylish way to […]

What to expect when Apple unveils its first smartwatch

Apple will debut its first ever smartwatch, according to an Apple source.The device, rumored to be called the “Apple Watch 2,” will reportedly have a large screen and be a larger version of the Apple Watch.However, the device is not expected to be released until the third quarter of 2019.Apple has yet to comment on the watch.According to the source, […]