How to make a black diamond necklace that’s 100% handmade

etsy Necklaces are a trend, and with good reason.The popularity of black diamond necklacing is one of the best selling jewelry items on Etsy. And if you’ve ever purchased a necklace made from a natural diamond, you’ve seen the high-quality, natural diamonds made with diamonds from different regions and cultures.The black diamond is one such gem, and the black diamond bracelet […]

When you buy a necklace you can’t wear without the symbol, says eBay founder

The symbol of an anchor necklace has become a trademark item for many online sellers and is one of the most popular items in the jewellery market.It comes with a price tag of up to $600, with some buyers choosing to keep the necklace as an add-on to their jewellery collection.And with so many different types of necklacing, it can […]

When did we lose the sense of fashion?

The fashion world has been undergoing a revolution in recent years. It is an interesting development that, according to many experts, has created an unprecedented level of interest and demand for fashionable items, particularly from women.The trend has been dubbed “the next big thing” in the world of fashion, which has attracted a plethora of new, high-end, fashion products.The first wave […]