Why is Angel Necklace worth Rs 4,500?

The gold necklace of the world’s most famous girl group, Katara, has made it to the top of the list of the top-selling jewellery in India.The necklace, which is a gold chain necklace with an angel on the chain, has been selling at the top price for more than a year.The angel necklace is one of the jewels of the […]

When the diamond ring on your neck is really a diamond ring

The necklaces you’ve been wearing might be worth more than you thought.The ring on the necklace might be a diamond, but it’s not really a real diamond, and it might be wearing the wrong name.The word diamond has been used to describe the metal used to make the necklace since the mid-1800s.The phrase, coined by the American gemologist Alfred Wegener […]

How to buy Tiffany Heart Jewelry

The first diamond earrings Tiffany and her husband David purchased from a jewelry store were the size of the size-10 iPhone.They weren’t very fancy, but they were an exception to the trend of being more expensive for more practical purposes.So Tiffany decided to go ahead and order a new set of earrings, one that was just the right size for […]