Which diamonds are worth more?

On Friday, the National Museum of Canada released its annual report on the world’s diamonds, and it was an illuminating look at how diamonds are made and how the price of the precious metals has affected the world.“We’re seeing a surge in the supply of diamonds and that’s creating a demand that’s pushing prices up,” said John Friesen, senior vice-president […]

Cartier Love Necklace – Cuban Source Next Big Futures title Cartiers Love Necklaces – Diamond Chain Necklace and Silver Cross Necklace

Next Big Today article Cartier loves jewelry, so naturally they are on every person’s to-do list. They also sell a wide variety of different types of jewelry, which is why it is so important to find the perfect necklace for your needs.Here is a list of the best jewelry for men, women and kids.Read More

Watch: Diamond necklace worn by actress in Hollywood

The diamond necklace worn in the Oscar-winning film, Beauty and the Beast, by Emma Watson is an iconic piece of cultural iconography.It is an object of pride for many actors and actresses, who have chosen to wear it in roles that are both glamorous and socially awkward.It was not an easy decision for Watson.She was raised in a working class […]