Colts head coach Chuck Pagano signs new contract

Indianapolis Colts head football coach Chuck Patterson and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams have signed a five-year contract, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Monday.The deal is worth $24 million per season with $10 million guaranteed.The Colts signed Patterson to a one-year, $2.5 million deal on March 4, 2016.He was previously the defensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts from 2011-14.Williams […]

I’m a gold necklace necklace holder, I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to do

The next time you see a gold pendant on your wrist, you’re probably not going to get the idea that this is a jewelry necklace.Gold jewelry is not necessarily a glamorous option, so it’s not unusual for people to leave this out.But what if you’re not sure if it’s a gold or silver pendant?Let’s look at some of the most […]

The gold necklace that changed my life

Gold is a symbol of wealth, prestige, and power, and it’s a powerful and important symbol for many women.Today, it’s not just a symbol, but also a tool. Gold has always been associated with the wealthy and powerful, and now that wealth is no longer as much of a barrier to success, it is a means of power and status. In the […]

Seashell necklace with turquois coral coral and gold pearl – Coral Sea Jewelry

Coral Sea jewelry is now available in a new collection by Sea Jewelers.The collection is called the Seashell Necklace and is made of coral coral, coral coral pearl, gold pearl, turquis coral and turquoises pearl.Each piece is a perfect gift for someone who loves the sea and is passionate about coral reefs.“The Seashell necklaces are truly handcrafted and the pearls […]

When you wear a gold necklace, you’re taking a risk

GOLDEN MOUTH WATCH: You might not think it’s a risk, but it can actually save your life.When your jewellery is gold, you’ll always feel the same: It’s a powerful reminder to yourself that you are alive and that you can survive, even if you’ve never been able to walk.And that you’re doing the right thing.Gold jewellery may be a trendy, […]