Why I have a necklace with an Italian horn and a heart inside it

I am a young Italian woman, and my jewelry has become an obsession.I bought it for my mother in 2012, and it is her favorite piece.I think it represents everything Italian is about, from a sense of self to pride in my culture.My mom said, “You have to be proud of yourself.”I am now in my 40s and it still […]

Heart necklace, personalised name necklace to be sold at Victoria Day 2018

Gold plated necklays and personalized name necklifts have been added to the sale of heart necklayers in the Gold Coast and Melbourne locations.Customers can choose from an assortment of styles and colours.The Heart Necklayers at the Gold & Gold shops will have their own logo and will include a heart for sale.Customer will also be able to create their own […]

How to build a heart necklace from scratch

With all the hoopla surrounding diamond jewelry, many people assume they’re looking at something made of diamonds.The problem is, many diamond jewelry is made of metal, which doesn’t have a lot of life in it.So, it takes a lot more work to make something of this quality.In fact, it requires the most care.Jewelry is made with precious metals such as […]