Why I have a necklace with an Italian horn and a heart inside it

I am a young Italian woman, and my jewelry has become an obsession.I bought it for my mother in 2012, and it is her favorite piece.I think it represents everything Italian is about, from a sense of self to pride in my culture.My mom said, “You have to be proud of yourself.”I am now in my 40s and it still […]

How to get your hands on Italian horn necklace for women

Necklaces and bracelets for women can be an excellent investment for men, according to a new study.The study found that the Italian horn is the most popular necklace material for women.The study, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, analyzed data from 5,945 women and found that men who have a necklace that was the best quality for their […]

Which jewelry item is the best for your sister?

The answer to this question is not simple, especially for younger children, said Linda K. Bowers, a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.But, she said, it depends on the kind of jewelry your sister has.If she’s wearing a tiara, necklace or ring, the necklace should not be worn unless it’s the only jewelry you have, Bowers said.For example, […]

Man accused of stabbing to death dog at Italy zoo

The man accused of killing a small dog at an Italian zoo has been arrested.It all started when a neighbor called police after seeing the dog lying on the ground near a fence, according to the Milan Police Department.The neighbor called the police after spotting the dog, but when officers arrived, they found the animal in the street.They then found […]

When Italian Horn Necklace Was Born: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Horn

Italy’s Italian Horn necklace has become synonymous with the national treasure of the region.For many years, the necklace was worn in the public eye and for years the jewelry was coveted by those who sought out its unique design and craftsmanship.This past December, the Italian National Museums of Antiquities and Museums, or the ANA, announced that the necklace will be […]