“The Hill” to air in 10 days with new episodes from May 19-28

“The House,” “The Week,” “CNN,” “Fox News Sunday” and “ABC News Sunday,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “O’Reilly Factor” and others will be among the first to be rerun with new seasons beginning this week. The network has also begun airing “The View,” a weekly show hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Fox News has been the most successful, most influential media organization in […]

How to get a name necklace?

Name is one of the oldest symbols of China, and its symbolism goes back thousands of years.This year, however, it is getting a boost in popularity.According to Chinese news site Zuowei, the Chinese government has announced a name change for a necklace that was launched in 2016 and which features the name of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.The name change […]