Louis Vuitton necklace with diamond choker

Louvois-Vuitton is offering a necklace with an original diamond choknock.The item is designed by a French jewelry designer, according to a statement from the brand.The necklace comes with a diamond choked necklace that is about 1/8 inch in diameter, with an 8.25 inch long hook.It is available for $35.49.The choker comes with its own necklace as well.

How to create jewelry with diamonds

In 2009, a woman from Brazil started wearing a silver necklace and diamond necklace as she celebrated her 30th birthday.The necklace was made with silver and gold.She wore it as a birthday present to her daughter, and her daughter wore it to her wedding.Now, she wears the necklace for her daughter’s wedding every year, she told CNN.“It was my gift […]

What’s the best gift for the ‘Moana’ star? A necklace

The movie is set to be released next month in the United States, but the stars have yet to make a decision about the necklace.The film is expected to feature a black diamond necklace as one of the three necklace options.Moana’s necklace is set for release in 2019.Here’s what you need to know about the black diamond bracelet.1.Who is Moana?The […]