A New Jersey woman who lost her dog in the deadly Las Vegas shooting is now suing her husband for $5 million after his dog died of a gunshot wound in 2016

Posted October 16, 2018 05:13:49The family of a New Jersey man who was killed in the Las Vegas massacre have filed a $5.2 million lawsuit against his husband, alleging he negligently left the dog in his home.Amber Pearl, 25, died in February 2016 after a bullet went through the window of her home in the small town of Rodeo, N.J. […]

How to get the best key necklace for your kataro girl

Katarina, who was born with autism and has autism spectrum disorder, is the daughter of a Japanese kataru.And, the necklaces, designed by Japanese jewelry brand, Arkitektor, are one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.Katarina was born to a kataraki family in the Philippines.She has autism and the necklace was designed to help her feel connected to her family.It has a […]