The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion: 10 Ways to Make a Necklace in Your Own Time

I have been a designer for almost 10 years now.And while it has been a bit of a struggle, I still get a bit nervous when I think about a specific necklace I might be making for a client.It is not something that should happen during a formal or romantic wedding.What I am trying to say is, it is not […]

What is the ‘amber necklace’? – Playboy

Playboy has teamed up with the “Museum of the American Dream” in order to create the “amber necklace.” According to the website, the necklace, which will be made in the United States and available in six different colors, will be sold exclusively through the museum. “The museum is excited to be the first museum in the world to offer the unique necklace […]

How to get the best key necklace for your kataro girl

Katarina, who was born with autism and has autism spectrum disorder, is the daughter of a Japanese kataru.And, the necklaces, designed by Japanese jewelry brand, Arkitektor, are one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.Katarina was born to a kataraki family in the Philippines.She has autism and the necklace was designed to help her feel connected to her family.It has a […]