I am a ‘gifted’ Disney princess, so I was ‘truly blessed’ to be given an ‘incredible gift’

I was born with a gift of magic that has allowed me to be loved, admired, and cherished.It is a gift that has enabled me to grow up, travel the world, meet the people and experiences that I’ve experienced.But that gift has also meant that I have to accept that there are some things I don’t get to experience.My childhood […]

How to get the perfect Mother’s Day necklace

From the moment you put the finishing touches to your Mother’s day necklace, it is bound to be a memorable, and a special gift for your loved ones.From the classic design of a zebra or dragonheart, to the intricate designs on necklacing, these necklaced items will definitely help you and your family stand out from the crowd.Here are our top […]

Why Legos are so awesome: The school necklace

Legos have become an icon of American ingenuity, as evidenced by the fact that their popularity has grown by 100% over the last decade.But while Lego’s success has been so amazing, its not always easy to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship.It takes an amazing amount of time and effort to build a Lego set, and most Lego fans have only […]