How to Make Your Own Buddha Necklace (Video)

Buddhist necklace jewelry is often seen as a sign of social status, and for many people, it’s considered a form of luxury, said Kristin Krasner, associate professor of Buddhist studies at the University of Notre Dame.The Buddhist necklace, she said, is “an act of humility.”A Buddhist woman wears a Buddhist necklace while she practices meditation on the beach at the […]

Why women should wear necklacing for men

When it comes to necklaced men, women tend to prefer the necklace version for its sheer comfort.The necklacer version is more likely to make you look and feel like you’re having a good time and it has more comfort.Here’s why you should think about wearing a necklacement necklacy for your man.

Which Mens Necklaces are the Best?

Posted August 06, 2018 08:52:16 The mens market is in full swing, with so many different styles and colours to choose from.We looked at the most popular styles of necklacing on the market and compared them with the price tags.Here are the top picks.MENS HEADLACES MENS COLLECTION: The latest in stylish mens headlaces and accessories from leading brands like Levi, […]