Which are the best and worst necklacing styles?

Here’s what you need to know about the necklace trend:The traditional Japanese-style necklacer was once popular among the more fashion-conscious among Japanese-Americans, with a style that was “a little more refined and refined” than other styles, said Kenji Sugano, a professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University and a popular culture expert.Sugano, who has written a book about the Japanese style, said […]

How to Create a Moonstone Necklace with a MoonStone in 12 Days

moonstone necklaces are becoming more popular among young women and men in the past year as a way to showcase their personality and style. Moonstone necklace makers like Moonstone have developed designs that incorporate moonstone jewelry and the moonstone itself, making the necklace a popular gift for any woman who wants to show her personality.Moonstone is known for its moonstone jewellery […]