The Best of IGN’s 2017 Halloween Costume Contest

Now that Halloween is here, it’s time to vote for your favorite Halloween costume!As usual, we’ve got some of our favorite costumes up for grabs, including a pair of puka shell necklaces, plus some other awesome items.Let’s begin with the puka shells, which are a great way to make a memorable costume, with their unique metallic and translucent shell pieces.You […]

‘I never imagined that I’d become a grandmother’: My life as a panda necklace creator

I never imagined I’d be a grandmother.I never envisioned that I could wear a puka shell to my kids’ christening.But the day the first panda pendant arrived for me as a gift, I couldn’t wait to get started.In the weeks since, I’ve been making panda jewelry.My first pandas, which I wore for Christmas, came with a necklace, a necklace that’s […]