How to keep your necklace and bracelet safe when your ring holder falls off

Posted February 16, 2020 09:24:56It was just before Christmas when I received a phone call from my wife and the other woman in my life, saying their rings had gone missing.We had been looking forward to Christmas together, but after two days of searching we found the rings on the ground outside our house.They were missing.I didn’t know what to […]

How to get snake necklace and black pearl necklace

What if your daughter has a necklace and a black pearl bracelet?We don’t think it will come off, right?That’s why we thought it was a good idea to get them both for you!Here are some tips on how to get both for yourself and your children.1.Go to your local store.2.Take the item to a local pharmacy for a prescription checkup.3.Buy […]

How to buy a snake necklace

A snake necklace is one of those items that, like most items, has a history of making you laugh or think twice about spending money on.While you could get one for free at the mall, the idea of buying one for less than $30 might make you think twice.But there are alternatives to snake necklaces.The most popular option is the […]