Mom necklace, sun necklace, squash blossoms necklace in New Jersey

A mom necklace, a sun necklace and a squash blossomes necklace in the New Jersey area, have gone viral.The mother of one of the stars of the hit series, the character, shared the necklace on Instagram with a caption saying she was “heartbroken.”The necklace, which has a heart on the back, is made of pink beads.The star posted a photo […]

How to make a ‘perfect’ pink flower necklace

The world of pink flower necklacing is a fascinating place.From the intricate and elegant designs to the gorgeous handmade items, the pink flower is a beautiful trend that is definitely a fun one to explore.And it is an essential part of any wedding.The perfect pink flower bracelet is made from a variety of different materials that give it a unique […]