Mom necklace, sun necklace, squash blossoms necklace in New Jersey

A mom necklace, a sun necklace and a squash blossomes necklace in the New Jersey area, have gone viral.The mother of one of the stars of the hit series, the character, shared the necklace on Instagram with a caption saying she was “heartbroken.”The necklace, which has a heart on the back, is made of pink beads.The star posted a photo […]

Sun necklace with black tourmalines

The sun necklace in the picture is from the same designer as the sun pendant in the previous pic, but it’s a bit different in the necklaces, because it has black tourmatine instead of tourmalin.The sun pendants are actually made of different materials.They are all made of gold and silver.The two colours are not very closely related.The sun pectoral sun […]