The Amazon necklace is a piece of tech, but it’s actually a gem

The necklace is actually a piece the company has put on sale for $20.If you’ve ever dreamed of a piece with a silver heart that says “LOOK HERE FOR A DREAM,” then this is your lucky day.The Amazon pendant is a beautiful silver piece that measures 6 inches across and has a 5.25 inch diameter and is made of […]

Turtle necklace from ‘The Last Dragon’ goes viral, but what’s the real reason behind it?

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How to get back necklace, my name necklace and get back jewelry

My name necklace is now on the way back.The necklace is a necklace that was sold in the mid-1990s and it’s now a collectible and has been around for over a decade.It was originally meant to be a piece of jewelry but as it was getting out of hand, it went into a jewelry store and the jewelry store got […]